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Feeders are taught to do three things. Always eat what they are told. Never disobey. Lastly, never remove their veil. Afterall, who wants to look a lamb in the face before they eat of its flesh?

Ophelia Tamsin has been groomed most of her life to be a feeder. It means a guaranteed early retirement with plenty of pay...well, almost guaranteed. When Ophelia is chosen by a devilishly handsome lord to be his personal blood bank, she expects her life to get easier. All she has to do is live in a fancy mansion, fill her master's cup when he needs it filled, and enjoy her new luxuries. But Kieryn isn't like other vampires and his tastes extend far beyond the flesh.

Kieryn Phrost has always been indifferent toward the new vampire traditions that separate them from their human predecessors. After carelessly picking a feeder just to shut his loud-mouthed brother up, he finds himself strangely drawn to his veiled new pet. He knows that feeders are groomed only for taste, but when he drinks from her, he finds that he can experience much more. Ophelia Tamsin makes him feel dangerously alive and soon he finds himself yearning for so much more than blood.

When the veil is lifted, there are no boundaries.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The sensory laden descriptions of the scenes enable the reader to "feel" the tale."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Gen is an epic protagonist with a hell of a journey that always had me wanting to know what would happen next."


("GENESIS" is a post-apocalyptic epic with strong violence, sexual content including assault, and adult subject matter. It is intended for audiences 18 years of age and older.)

Coming Soon

(Beyond the Merillian Book 3)

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There's a wall between men and elves, dividing two great societies after the biggest race war of all time nearly wiped them all out. No human ventures into the Wild. Elves are as savage as the beasts they live among. But what happens when there is no choice?

Some stories are true. Others are not. To know, you must venture into the untamed world beyond the wall. You must venture Beyond the Merillian.

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