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Are You Ready to Venture BENEATH?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Enter a world where the strange are hiding in plain sight. The villainous are masquerading as the heroes. Visit Deepwater Cove, where people go missing, but no one asks why. Do they not care? Or are they afraid to?

Maris Blake has a dark history in Deepwater Cove, and when she's pulled back to the little town, history seems to be right on her heels. There's something sinister in the waters and its coming to shore. The songs lure you in. The whispers comfort you while hands rip you apart. In this town, love is good enough to eat.

What if your life was a lie. The nightmare of drowning at your father's hands haunted you forever. The knowledge that your mother came from the sea and disappeared in it before you knew her gnawed at your mind.

What if that darkness you felt when you were chained to the bottom of the ocean was closing in, telling you sweet things, but terror hid behind the voices? What if you found the love of your life in a man who you knew was the worst kind of monster? The kind that pulled you close, convinced you to surrender, and then showed his fangs when you were good and in love.

Maris is of the land and she's about to find out she's of the sea. Find out more in Beneath.


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