"Beneath" (New upcoming Novel!)

Here's a taste of the first few paragraphs of "Beneath." This novel doesn't have a release date yet, but I can say with confidence that it will be out this fall!

* * *

Chapter 1

The surface was right there, but Maris couldn’t reach it. Her fingertips skimmed the top of the water as she descended down into the depths of the salty sea. Beams of sunlight pierced the ocean around her, fading as she sunk further into the abyss. A concrete block was chained to her ankle and no matter how she struggled, she was losing the battle.

Finally, it hit the ocean floor. Maris was tugged down once it crashed into the sand and immediately kicked toward the surface, but the chain was taut. Her lungs burned, begging her to take a breath. She screamed, bubbles shooting from her mouth and lifting toward the surface. She watched them enviously, but couldn’t follow. Curling over herself, she reached for the cuff around her ankle, tugging and ripping at it until her nails had chipped and the flesh of her ankle bled.

Maris reached once more for the surface, staring into the orb of light that hovered in the sky. It was high noon. The sun stared down at her as if mocking her. Maris began to convulse, her limbs seizing in the cold. The water rushed into her mouth, filling her lungs. She ached, everything going hazy now. Her feet stopped kicking. Her hands stopped reaching. Long, sand-colored hair floated up around her, drifting slowly in the calm of the ocean. Her arms floated up, limp and pale. By then, there was nothing but darkness. Nothing but the cold. Then, she heard it. A voice. A man’s voice in a language not her own. It warmed her to the bones. Lifted her toward the sun. Made her body tingle with comfort. Bliss.

She looked up at the blinding sun glistening above her, but there was something else that hovered above. Something that shimmered in the white light. A figure. She was dying and it seemed an angel was coming to carry her to the next world. Her hand extended toward it, that wonderful voice beckoning to her.

* * *

There's something in the water and it's about to come to shore.

"Beneath" is an urban fantasy/romance, but this won't be your typical love story. The lines between villain and hero will be blurred as Maris Blake tries to form a new life for herself in the town where she was born. In Deepwater Cove. Unfortunately, it's also the place she almost died at the hands of her own father. Everyone said he was driven mad by the disappearance of her mother, but Maris always suspected there was more. When a mysterious and drop-dead-gorgeous man comes into town and sets his sights on Maris, she's forced to step out of her comfort zone to find out more about him, but the feelings that follow could end her.

Kaspian isn't human and he's no stranger to Deepwater Cove. He's been there before, but never in pursuit of someone like Maris. He's after her heart, but the only problem is that he doesn't need it to be beating.

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