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"QUINN" By Dawn Doyle: Book Review

I fell deeply in love with Quinn Dexter and I'm not afraid to show it!

This book kept showing up in my recommendations on Amazon Kindle and I finally got to reading it. It did NOT disappoint. I am not usually the one to pick up a romance book unless it's PNR, but considering how much this book was being thrown my way screaming "read me" I had to give it a try. I've read plenty of romance and have loved so many characters, but I would have to say that I might actually be IN love with a fictional character in this case. This might be a personal problem... Quinn is a fighter. He's rough, tough, and mean. Coming from an abusive background, he shoves away relationships and blows off steam beating in people's faces for money and being an absolute turd to everyone. The fact that he calls himself cliche right off the bat just makes it better. Yeah, he was cliche, but damn was he a hot mess of sexy kind of cliche. Kinsley is a messed up girl with a history that causes her to repel relationships. She avoids them and seems suspicious and bitter of just about everyone and it doesn't take long for these two explosive personalities to catch wind of each other. Quinn has a thing with being seen a a piece of meat. Oh, roll your eyes, how cheesy, right? Except when the story reveals his personal journey, cheesy is tossed right out the window and you're ready to marry the guy. To get his annoying groupies off is back, Quinn stages a relationship with Kinsley, about the only girl who DOESN'T want to jump his bones, but their fake relationship starts to wobble on the edge of being very real pretty quick. I have to say the story was pretty predictable. I knew how it would all pan out from the beginning, but in this case, the journey was the part I couldn't stop reading about. Predictability definitely didn't stop me from sitting up till 4am reading to know if I, as the reader, would get what I wanted. I was so in love with the characters that I could not stop thinking about what would happen next. Quinn's anger issues and his alpha personality was unbelievably attractive and that quick wit made me laugh out loud more than once. And Kinsley is not a force to be reckoned with. I gravitate toward strong females and I was pleased to see that she could hold her own and didn't take any sh!t, especially from Quinn, but she also had an incredibly vulnerable side that made her pure. I am ALWAYS one for a good enemies to lovers story. Quinn and Kinsley had such amazing chemistry I felt like I was living the life with them. This book may have expanded my genre preferences a little. Just a tiny bit. Ok, I will likely be reading more of these, though I hope this book didn't spoil me too much.

Quinn is available on Amazon.

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