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When Draak appeared on Earth, two species crashed together without warning. War was inevitable, but eventually, the sectors were created as a way to reestablish order in a world that was plunging into chaos.

8 sectors were formed, each one ruled by a Draak council called the Draakir. They voted on laws. Organized security. They appointed a Regent to overlook all matters within their sectors and began to build important relations with the humans. The catch? Anyone within the borders of a Draak sector had to abide by the rules. This was a problem for the large numbers of people who still saw them as ruthless invaders. Those people chose to live outside the laws. Outside the sectors in what came to be known as the outer territories. Over time, the outer territories built their own society, if it could be called that. Gangs began to form. Territories were divided by specialty. Drugs and sex became the currency and after many years, it became a pit filled with rejects and criminals. Humans. Draak. Pikes. Fugitives.

The outer territories became a breeding ground for resistance. Pockets of people claiming to be part of a rebellion began to form, creating the Falcons. A terrorist group committed to removing Draak from the seat of power. Their methods have been disruptive to the sectors over the years and often result in countless deaths of sector citizens and outsiders alike. The Falcons, as well as associated gangs, have also been connected to the kidnappings of young Draak children as well as Ashlings (Draak Mates) as a way of feeding the sex trafficking businesses that fund many of their advancements. Trafficking rings are not partial to any one species or gender but for those with a particular dislike toward Draak, Ashlings are a rare and expensive product.

The activity happening in or out of the sectors is the business of the territory it takes place in. Unless the effects bleed across the boundaries, the sectors and the outer territories do not become involved with each other. If an outsider wants to migrate into a Draak sector, the process can be tedious, but not impossible.

Not long after the sectors were established, humans pushed for a human council to create balance. The Order was put in place, a council of humans, to promote trust between the species and eliminate the suspicion that Draak were simply oppressive overlords. The Order works in much the same way that the Draakir does. They have a security force (police), an appointed leader, and other specialists to aid in sector matters and communicate issues and solutions with the Draakir. It was the Order that suggested taking in outsiders upon careful consideration from both councils, claiming that some outsiders should have a choice to reintegrate into a more organized society.

Draak in the outer territories is rare, but it does happen. Younger Draak (those born on Earth) usually display rebellious tendencies and are unable to live under the laws of their forefathers, so they choose to move into the outer territories. They are often slain by humans or, if they're strong and willing, will overtake a territory and call it their own. It is not unheard of for a Draak to move into the outer territory in order to establish their own government and build their own system to benefit themselves and their egos. It's often these Draak that father most of the Pikes born into the world. Their carelessness and lack of sympathy toward humans and "lesser creatures" cause much unrest.

Pikes born in the outer territories are either killed on sight or, in rare cases, taken by a caring human and sometimes even their fathers in order to avoid slaughter. If these Pikes grow up, they are aggressive and sometimes uncontrollable. Some have even been known to kill themselves in an emotional outburst, usually taking out many lives in the process. They are either shunned, killed, or used as enforcers for gang leaders, provided their tempers are under control.

The world has some sense of organization now, two centuries after the arrival of the Draak, but conflict will always come and go. "Freedom is what everyone strives for, but everyone seems to have a different definition of freedom when they have to fend for themselves in a world filled with monsters."

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