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This book is meant for readers 18+ and contains language and graphic sexual scenes.


Earth sucks. Not the planet. The people. Practically all physical contact is simulated, my boyfriend just broke up with me, and I'm making a living dancing behind glass in hopes that men will throw credits at me.

I want to leave...

So I do and I drag my friend with me... into space... to the Nexus. The city in the sky. Sure, I'm starting at the bottom and I had to lie about finishing my college education to get here, but it was worth it.

...And then he showed up. A tall alien man in a black suit and a helmet I can't even see his face through, but he sets my body on fire.


Humans. They're a strange breed. We're all fibers in the same cloth, but you'd scarcely realize it. In truth, they never intrigued me much. They think they know enough and yet they are quick to believe whatever they're told. They won't make it far in the vast galaxy.

Then she walked onto the station. Or rather into me. As soon as we touched, things changed.

I want to deny that I surged with a human, but every time our paths cross, that gets harder and harder to do. And when a distress call from her transport ship reaches mine? Well... perhaps I am not as collected as I once prided myself on being.

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