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This book is meant for readers 18+ and contains language and graphic sexual scenes.

Everyone leaves. Or maybe they just leave me. I’ve got nothing going for me on Earth and my only way out? Lie about my background and land a job on the Nexus. The city in space.

My plan was to stay invisible, but when the first thing you do is run into an alien in front of everyone like a fool, that becomes near impossible.

I don’t know who the guy is. Hell, his people never even remove their helmets. But, whether I know what he looks like or not, I can’t stop thinking about him.

Humans aren’t too bright. They think they are, but they have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t be dealing with them in person if our races did not have valuable resources to trade. On a trip to the Nexus, I nearly run over a new recruit.

I would have loved to move on, shaking my head like I usually did, but this one is different.

Still, I’m a military captain with no time for games. I do my best to get her off my mind, but when an enemy we thought had disappeared long ago shows up and attacks a ship with her on it, everything changes.

I made promises to my people to fight for them and I can’t be distracted.

But maybe fighting for Innifer isn’t a distraction. Maybe it's my drive.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ What a great tale of two tortured souls. It had an epic feel to it, especially the ending. From an emotional perspective I amost forgot I was reading a Alien story...

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This book is meant for readers 18+ and contains language and graphic sexual scenes.

I worked hard to be a pilot for the Nexus, the biggest human space station ever to exist. I was on my way to proving that my family was wrong about me...


Until one of our freighters was blown up by the gek'tal. We've been told over and over again that they're the bad guys and now there's no doubt. And what's worse is that now I'm on their ship and their captain, a big, green tower of muscle and cruelty, thinks I have useful information for him.


I've told him what he wants to know is above my pay grade, but he doesn't believe me.


So? I'm gonna have to kill him...

I've interrogated her, taunted her, and even tortured her and she still won't talk. Instead, she spits in my face and shouts and fights me. She's so soft and injures easily and yet she does not shy from pain.

My crew wants me to just get rid of her. They think she's useless to us, but my people's greatest enemy, the valerians, have allied with the humans for some reason and we need to learn why.

And, ever since she looked at me for the first time with that hateful fire in her eyes, I've wanted to get her on her knees...

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This book was great! The power play between Quinn and Rhone started off pretty one sided but shifted for more balance. I'm hoping there's more books because of the overall arc of the story between the geks and the valerians.

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This book is meant for readers 18+ and contains language and graphic sexual scenes.


I am not a fan of space. Two years ago, I lied my way into a job on the Nexus, the first human city in space, in hopes of finding a new beginning.

Things went sour real fast.

Long story short, after a few near death experiences, my friend fell in love with a sexy alien and I was stuck being babysat by his annoying friend. Life's funny sometimes because after I tried again to make something of my life back on Earth, I'm being sent back up there.

But the chances of me seeing Saleuk again have to be slim... right?


The only human to make a lasting impression on me was an irritating little thing who seemed to be allergic to everything on my planet. While my captain (and best friend) surged with one of her kind and was busy falling in love, I was stuck taking care of Sam for days.

I didn't think I'd ever see her again when all she wanted to do was return to Earth, but when I'm assigned to escort a group of science geeks to one of our moons, there she is. My plan is to keep my helmet on and avoid her, but I don't like the way the head researcher keeps looking at her.


When they go off into the woods and he comes back alone, I don't think twice about going after her. Now, we're stuck together in the deep wilderness and have to rely on each other to survive.

And relying on one another has changed a lot between us...

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