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There’s a wall between the Merillian and the Wilds, dividing two societies that nearly wiped each other out in the biggest race war of all time. Beyond the wall, there’s nothing but danger and the elves that almost destroyed mankind. I never wished to cross that threshold until my marriage to a cruel man forced me to do the unthinkable. Now I’m on the run for murder and the only place I know my past won’t follow is into the wilderness all humans fear.


I don't know what I thought would happen when I crossed the wall. Of course, I was hoping to never cross paths with an elf only to be thrown over the shoulder of one. Theoden, however, isn’t one of the savages from the stories. He’s as powerful as he is beautiful and despite his hatred for humans, he swears never to hurt me. We’ll see.

I want to start over, but it turns out that my past did follow me and it has many faces. Now my new life is under threat and my growing love for a man who might not be able to accept me is making me question where I really belong.

This book contains sexual content including assault. Meant for readers 18+

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