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Feeder by Courtney Leigh (dystopian vampire romance novella)

Feeders are taught to do three things. Always eat what they are told. Never disobey. Lastly, never remove their veil. Afterall, who wants to look a lamb in the face before they eat of its flesh?

Ophelia Tamsin has been groomed most of her life to be a feeder. It means a guaranteed early retirement with plenty of pay...well, almost guaranteed. When Ophelia is chosen by a devilishly handsome lord to be his personal blood bank, she expects her life to get easier. All she has to do is live in a fancy mansion, fill her master's cup when he needs it filled, and enjoy her new luxuries. But Kieryn isn't like other vampires and his tastes extend far beyond the flesh.

Kieryn Phrost has always been indifferent toward the new vampire traditions that separate them from their human predecessors. After carelessly picking a feeder just to shut his loud-mouthed brother up, he finds himself strangely drawn to his veiled new pet. He knows that feeders are groomed only for taste, but when he drinks from her, he finds that he can experience much more. Ophelia Tamsin makes him feel dangerously alive and soon he finds himself yearning for more than blood.

When the veil is lifted, there are no boundaries.

This book contains strong sexual content and violent scenes. Meant for readers 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great story, I was quickly addicted and read the whole thing in one sitting.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Read this in a day! Couldn’t put it down! Finally realized after that it was the same author as the Merillians. Make sense now. I’ve devoured all of her books.

Torment by Courtney leigh (dark vampire romance novella)

Immortals never forget and for Cassius James, the sins against him and the ones he loves have left him bitter and broken. Some would even say heartless. Hellbent on making his enemies pay for their wrongdoings, Cassius seeks to steal something precious. He never expected that precious thing to be a woman.

Gemma has been passed from one obsessive master to another her whole life. As a rare Nephilim, her blood is like a drug to most vampires. Even the smallest traces of angel lineage can drive a bloodsucker insane with need. When a leather-clad lord shows up to steal her away from her latest master, she expects the same routine. A cage and false promises. But Cassius isn't after her blood at all.  He wants nothing more than to hurt her former master and he's intent on using her to do it.

Cassius has no need or want for a little innocent, even if her blood is special. She was just supposed to be a means to an end, but one taste of her sends his world spiraling. He was meant to be her torment and yet her presence has infected him.


Revenge is sweet, but she may be even sweeter.

This book is set in a dystopian world contains strong sexual content, dub-con, and violent scenes. Meant for readers 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This novel in the feeder series was so different from the first - and both are amazing, a testament to Courtney's writing skill.


Vampires fear only one thing. Angels.

For hundreds of years, angels were thought to be extinct, but strange sightings and rumors have put the reigning vampires on edge. In this world, humans have two jobs. To serve or to feed. When Brea Wilde is purchased to serve a mysterious purpose, she asks no questions, until she's thrown into a crypt and left to die, bleeding and cold. What she doesn't know is that her blood will bring something ancient back into the world.

Oberon Toussaint has been in the ground for centuries. Condemned by his fellow vampires after a war against the angels, he's now been awakened, mad and confused. The world has changed and the humans vampires once loved are now slaves and play things and old enemies are returning. He was meant to fight, but in this ugly world, all he wants to do is protect the woman whose blood brought him back from the grave. To do that, he must play by new rules.

This book contains strong sexual content, violent scenes, mentions of suicide and talk of childbirth and loss. Meant for readers 18+


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