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Courtney Leigh (indie author writing romance and science fiction)

My name is Courtney and I've been writing stories since before I could spell a single word correctly. I grew up on an ostrich farm and spent my entire childhood dreaming and adventuring outdoors, a lifestyle that helped foster my creativity. No cable. No neighbors. Just a lot of land, animals, and time to create. After attending a performing arts school, I moved on to study fashion/costume design. For 10 years I've owned my own costuming business, but now I've decided to pursue my truest passion. Writing. 


I finished my first, full-length novel at 160,000 words when I was 17 years old as a way to cope with a series of intense nightmares I was having at the time. After using my nightmares to inspire a high fantasy adventure story, I found myself aching to write more. I've since lost that entire novel to multiple old computers and crashed hard drives. Despite being poorly written, it did get me to this point! 


After losing my first novel, I wrote over 15 other, full-length books from YA fantasy to sci-fi before finally self-publishing. By then, I'd moved on to my most recent endeavor, paranormal romance. 


Getting published has always been a dream of mine, but in recent years I've realized my real goal is just to get my stories out there for people to read, which is why I made the choice to self-publish. I enjoy writing more than any other creative outlet in my life, but I more or less kept is quiet before I published my first novel. It was a big step for me! I hope anyone who stumbles across my little corner enjoys what they see :) 


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