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(#1 in "A Storm Of Fire")

Ash Bringer (A Storm of Fire Book 1) by Courtney Leigh. Dragon Shifter Romance

The Draak, an ancient race of dragon shapeshifters, claim Earth after centuries of absence. To some, the Draak are like gods. To others, they're invaders. To Everly Ghlass, they're the ones that took everything from her. 

After her adopted father is convicted of killing a high ranking Draak, Everly enters a deadly competition to win his freedom. Her plans are shattered when the brother of the of the murdered Draak claims the keys to her fate. Draven Tempest is one of the oldest Draak, a man with a literal raging fire in him and plenty of pent up anger. Anger he plans to direct at Everly. Now she has a choice. She can fight until it destroys her or surrender to a dangerously alluring new life. 

At first, it's a cruel, psychological game, but as time passes, the fearless Everly Ghlass begins to chip away at Draven's hardened exterior to find something aggressive...and passionate.

As the two inch closer to a threshold that will leave them both changed forever, conspiracy and rebellion threaten the balance of the world. With war on the horizon, Everly and Draven must discover where they stand or be torn apart in a storm of fire. 

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This definitely had a dark edge to it, a true enemies to lovers with some bite.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I loved this book , couldn’t put it down, actually read it in one sitting.


(#2 in "A Storm Of Fire")

Blue Embers (A Storm of Fire Book 2) by Courtney Leigh. Dragon Shifter Romance

The Draak, an ancient race of dragon shapeshifters, have been the dominant species on Earth for centuries, but new threats are lurking to upset the delicate peace now.


Following a rebel attack that nearly cost the Draak their leader, Killian Valentyne is tasked with tracking down those responsible. With the development of a new museum exhibit underway that Killian hopes will build a better understanding between humans and Draak, he’s stretched a bit thin. 


Persephone Grant is a dedicated historian and the new curator for an exhibit funded by known Draak playboy, Killian Valentyne. She’s intelligent, mysterious, and exactly the kind of distraction Killian doesn't need, but a connection to the rising conflicts might just put her in the middle of it all.


With Draak-killing weapons floating around in rebel hands and suspicions that an ancient enemy has made its way to Earth, having feelings for a human would only make things harder for Killian. He knows the pain of loss too well to get caught up in affections, especially with a war coming, but Persephone may prove to be a force all her own. One taste should have been enough to sate their urges. 

...It should have been...

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I LOVED Persephone. I’m DROOLING over Killian. Their love was magnetic and page-turning and i devoured every last second of it!


(#3 in "A Storm Of Fire")

Sleeping Storms (A Storm of Fire Book 3) by Courtney Leigh. Dragon Shifter Romance

 The Draak, an ancient race of dragon Shapeshifters, have claimed earth after centuries of absence. After 200 years in power, their position is now being threatened. The Zephyre are on Earth and they’ve made their intent clear, but The Draak won’t surrender the world and the humans they’ve promised to protect so easily. 


Saxon Kane is one of the oldest and most powerful Draak alive. Many lifetimes of experience have driven him into a life of solitude, but when the leader of the Draak race orders him to take on an important mission, he can’t refuse.


Eko grew up on the edge of a sector, never knowing her birth mother. All she wants is to pass her exams and pick up more volunteer hours, but when a tall, dark, and ruggedly handsome Ash bringer literally shows up on her doorstep, college becomes the last thing on her mind. Finding out you may have inherited the memories of a dead Draak leader and that an ancient enemy from another world is looking for you certainly can put a kink in your plans. 


Eko is plunged into a world where her life is constantly under threat and Saxon is the only thing standing between her and looming danger. It’s his duty to protect her, but soon the line between duty and desire is blurred. Two vastly different people, one enemy, and an unexpected passion might just lead to more questions than answers.

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ As always I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Totally in love with each character and their part in this world.


(#3.5 in "A Storm Of Fire")

Fury and Flames (A Storm of Fire Book 3.5) by Courtney Leigh. Dragon Shifter Romance

After being sent on a mission by his Archon, Vyctor Hale went missing. Thought to be dead, he endured years of torment and experimentation by an old enemy of the Draak that has found its way to Earth. The Zephyre. They're highly advanced and their talent for manipulation and control means they're building a powerful army.

Now free, Vyctor is ordered to take some time away from the conflicts to collect himself and regain his lost memories. That means retreating to a secluded cabin with his family so they can find some peace before the coming war, but when a Zephyre halfblood shows up on their doorstep, things start to go sideways. What's worse? The Zephyre woman bears Vyctor's mark.

Stripped of memories by her mother, the only pureblood Zephyre on Earth, Charis is questioning her allegiance. Especially when she finds a Draak's mark on her body. Believing that they were once in love, Charis abandons her mother in search of Vyctor Hale, the Draak who was captive in her mother's compound for years. She vows to protect him. To refrain from any mind tricks. Above all else, she vows to undo what her mother has done to both their minds and uncover the feelings they once had.

It's going to take a lot to fix a problem she had a hand in creating, but Charis is prepared to do whatever it takes. A Draak's mark can only be given freely and hers burns for a man who hates her.

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+


(#4 in "A Storm Of Fire")

Burning Skies (A Storm of Fire Book 4) by Courtney Leigh. Dragon Shifter Romance

After 200 years in power, the Draak, and the humans they've grown to love, are being threatened by an enemy from the past. A Zephyre is on Earth and she has plans to wipe the world clean so she can rebuild in her image.

Valerio Tempest is one of the oldest living Draak on Earth and is used to sacrificing for the greater good. He even sacrificed his life, but when that didn't take, things only became more complicated. In an attempt to get answers, Valerio steals away a prisoner who may have valuable information about Earth's enemies.


Isla is a Pike and the only known female of her kind. Half human and half Draak, she's considered an abomination with no real place in the world. Not only that, but she's been working for the enemy for years. No one knows the Zephyre's plans better than her, but she's not cracking. Even under the pressure of a Draak like Valerio . He pretends to care. Pretends to understand, but Isla knows how cruel the world is and she's not about to bend to anyone's tricks. Not even a king's.

When these enemies collide, their sparks might set the world on fire.

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I didn't think I could love this series more, however this book proved me wrong.

(#5 in "A Storm Of Fire")


1 (5).jpg

After 200 years in power, the Draak have been shaken by the death of their greatest recent enemy. But that wasn't the end. Rebels have risen up the wake of Haera's demise and they have her weapons  at their disposal.

After being freed from Haera's influence, Kalyx, the last known Leviathan in existence, has chosen to join forces with the Draak on Earth. It's not easy to gain their trust, but he is fearless to try and not ignorant to the fact that they need him. But he has other motives, too. A woman that he can't get off his mind.


Raven hasn't been with the team long, but in that short time, she's seen her fair share of action. When she almost gets swallowed by the biggest dragon she's ever seen, her perspective changes a little. And now that Dragon is the newest member of the crew. He's rough, doesn't understand boundaries, and can't stop pushing her buttons, but there's more to him than that and Raven can't stop wondering what it is.

In the midst of new threats, Raven and Kalyx are forced to try and understand something they've never felt. And it's all about to be put to the test.

This book contains graphic sex scenes, violence, and mature subject matter. Intended for audiences 18+


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