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Paperbacks come signed. If you'd like a custom signing, please include that in the notes with your purchase!

5.5 x 8.5



My only hope for survival is in a beast all humans fear.

There’s a wall between the Merillian and the Wilds, dividing two societies that nearly wiped each other out in the biggest race war of all time. Beyond the wall, there’s only the Wilds and the elves that almost destroyed mankind. Leaving the Merillian has been a dream. One I never thought would become reality.

Being born with two different colored eyes got my mother executed for witchery and now I’m a slave to my own family and an outcast to my people. I wish for freedom every day, but when my sister gets married off to a warlord and I’m forced to travel with her to her new home across a snowy wilderness, freedom seems far out of reach.

Klains, a pale-haired elf clan high in the mountains, dominate the untamed country and it doesn’t take long for one of them to cross our path, but she’s just a little girl. Humans and elves have been enemies for generations. I know all too well what her fate will be without my help, but in freeing her, I’ve condemned myself to death. A death I would have met if not for the girl's brother. Now I’m free, but have nowhere to go unless Roan agrees to take me as his own. I fear I’m not what he wants. If my own people couldn’t accept me, how can he?

***This book contains scenes of attempted rape and some violence. Proceed with caution if these things might trigger you. Guaranteed HEA***

"Among the Frost: Beyond the Merillian book 2" Paperback

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