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Paperbacks come signed.

please include a note with your order for a custom signing!

Dimensions 5.5 x 8.5



Love, like fire, can burn you alive

The Draak, an ancient race of dragon shapeshifters, claim Earth after centuries of absence. To some, the Draak are like gods. To others, they're invaders. To Everly Ghlass, they're the ones that took everything from her. After her adopted father is convicted of killing a high ranking Draak, Everly enters a deadly competition to win his freedom. Her plans are shattered when the brother of the murdered Draak claims the keys to her fate.


Draven Tempest is one of the oldest Draak, a man with a literal raging fire in him and plenty of pent up anger. Anger he plans to direct at Everly. Now she has a choice. She can fight until it destroys her or surrender to a dangerously alluring new life. At first, it's a cruel, psychological game, but as time passes, the fearless Everly Ghlass begins to chip away at Draven's hardened exterior to find something aggressive...and passionate.


As the two inch closer to a threshold that will leave them both changed forever, conspiracy and rebellion threaten the balance of the world. With war on the horizon, Everly and Draven must discover where they stand or be torn apart in a storm of fire.

"Ash Bringer: A Storm Of Fire Book 1" Paperback

  • Custom signed books cannot be canceled or returned for a refund.

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