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into the wild cover 2.jpg

There's a wall between men and elves, dividing two great societies after the biggest race war of all time nearly wiped them all out. No human ventures into the Wild. Elves are as savage as the beasts they live among. But what happens when there is no choice?

Some stories are true. Others are not. To know, you must venture into the untamed world beyond the wall. You must venture Beyond the Merillian.

genesis cover 2.jpg

"Feeling nothing isn't strong. Feeling everything and finding a way to push forward? That's strength."

~ Rafe ~


("GENESIS" is a post-apocalyptic epic with strong violence, sexual content including assault, and adult subject matter. It is intended for audiences 18 years of age and older.)



storm of fire series.png

Romance, action, passion, and heat. Get swept away in a storm of fire with the Draak, an ancient race of dragon-shifters. They've claimed Earth as their own, but no matter how strong they are, the right women can always bring them to their knees.

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