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"Whisper of Water" by Jillian James: Book Review

Jillian has once again caused me to lose sleep. When I turn out the light, intent on reading myself into a coma, I end up curled up with my phone reading until 3am instead. Man do I love when that happens. Whisper of Water is a standalone book and can be read completely on its own, but if you love this book, you should definitely read the first one. In this world, a war between humans and dragons has driven humans underground. Most humans are sheltered from the truth and the outside world and in this case, life underground isn't exactly a dream.

In "Whisper of Water," the second installment in Jillian James' King's Series, we meet Azmerin, a young woman dead-set on saving her city from a tyrant. She intends to get help when she escapes his clutches, but finds herself rescued by dragons. Once more we're thrust into a world where humans have been fed twisted versions of history for generations. The dragons they grow up fearing are not the vicious enemies they think they are and Azmerin is about to find out exactly how alluring they can be. Azmerin is strong, committed, and the struggle she faces when trying to resist the charms of the tall, dark, and handsome Umber had me grinning from ear to ear. I enjoy Jillian's unconventionally strong females so much. They're not straight-up warriors, but they can hold their own in their own way.

Umber is our male protagonist and DAMN did my cheeks glow every time he entered a room. This man was definitely my kind of alpha male. A bit harsh on the outside, rugged, and an absolute sweetheart when it really came down to it. A fierce protector, a leader, and did I mention incredibly sexy? Now, Jillian likes her slow burn romances and holy hell it had me flipping pages to finally get to the moment they accepted their feelings. She likes to tease until you're practically screaming for the characters to cave and then everything comes crashing down. Not only that, but again we get a deep insight into dragon culture and a climax that shows us exactly how powerful and committed they are to their causes. When it comes to dragonshifter romance, Jillian is definitely on my list of must-reads. I am so glad I found an author who writes dragon men the way I like. As intelligent, wild, and captivating creatures capable of violence and love at the same time.

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