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In this town, love is good enough to eat.

When Maris Blake inherits her estranged father's house in a small coastal town, she moves back to her birthplace in search of a fresh start and an opportunity to face her fears and a dark past. All is going as planned until Kaspian enters her life. He's gorgeous, charismatic, and absolutely too good to be true. He makes promises that leave her weak in the knees, but there are things about him that sends chills down her spine.

There's something sinister in the water and it's coming to shore looking for a heart. The problem is, it doesn't have to be beating.

[This book is a standalone containing a villainous love interest and emotionally disturbed characters. It explores moments of dub-con, which may trigger certain readers. Book ends in an HEA]

"Beneath" Paperback

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