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5 Spooky Romances for this Halloween Season🔪

Are you at all like me? A mood reader? Because if you are and you feel a desire to get into the spooky season with some Halloween themed romance reads, I've got a list for you! (Bear with me! Some of these books I have not read in years and so I have forgotten a lot of names😂)


1: Damaged Gods

I found this book by literally typing in "halloween romance" into kindle and this popped up. I'd never heard of it, but the cover drew me in. I mean... LOOK AT IT!

The very first portion of this book talks about a Halloween party and as our FMC wanders around in her skimpy costume clothes looking for a job, she answers an add at a cathedral. The place is eerie, surrounded by a graveyard that, once she passes through, changes everything.

Trapped by a strange fog once she enters Saint Marks, our FMC realizes she's been tricked into taking the burden of a curse off the current caretaker.

Without giving too much away, I just want to say that this book was such a fun ride, like Harry Potter meets Beauty and the Beast. If you love monster romance, magic, curses, and sassy heroes, read this book.

2: Lovely Bad Things

This was my first real experience with darker than dark romance. I love me some bent rules and psychological thrills and this one had all of it. As an investigator on a murder case, our FMC is stuck trying to figure out the killer. Stumped, she decides to consult another killer and requests to bring a past criminal into the fold. And not only that, but a criminal she put away in the nut house.

The MC is OBSESSED with the FMC in a sadistic, bent sort of way meaning he thrives off her pain to the point that he appears in love with her for all the wrong reasons. When the two begin a psychological deep dive into the mind of their current murderer, things between them heat up to uncomfortable, scorching levels.

This is definitely a story with twists and turns and blurred lines. Figuring out who was good and bad was simply impossible because Trisha painted the villains so beautifully. This Silence of the Lambs style of twisted romance, murder, mystery, and brain-melt was a thrill to read and I would recommend it to anyone needing a little murdery spice in their lives.

3: Illusions of Grandeur

This was one of the first books I read right after I published my own novel and I can't even remember how I stumbled upon it.

Answering a job listing to be a tour guide (I think) at an old magician's mansion, our FMC begins a descent into a world of deceit and madness. Kathrine describes this book as a "villain romance" and I would have to agree seeing as our MC (Jilian) only wanted the FMC in his home to free him of his prison. See... Julian is not so much alive. He is, however, trapped inside his mystery mansion watching everyone and everything that enters his halls.

This house of magic and mystery sucked me in from page one. I was thrown through a few loops and it was so much fun to experience the wild ride. OH, and did I mention that the way Julian is described, I saw Spike from Buffy each time he was on page? If that doesn't convince you to read this book, I don't know what will.

4: These Monstrous Ties

We're back on the darker side of things with this one. this book was lighter on the romance side and focused more on the romance side and focused more on the drama.

The book starts out with the FMC literally walking to a park on Halloween to kill herself when she's intercepted by a man in skull makeup. Rather than try to talk her down, he invites her to a little get together... that turns into a cultish ceremony involving strange drinks, an exchange of blood, and promises our FMC didn't really intend to make. If any of this makes you uncomfortable, leave now! because this book is DEFINITELY a book that blurs the lines between good and evil and even sometimes erases them completely.

Between the intricate characters and the mental struggles of liking horrible people in the twisted inner world of the rich elite, this book drew me in deep.

5: Hollow Beasts

It's time for some shameless self-promotion! Hollow Beasts is my Halloween special of 2022 and follows Piper's life in the Scarlet Reach, a place known for its monsters, ghouls, and curses. Kind and gentle at heart, Piper has a very dark past and is plagued by her own shameful curse. Bordering the Scarlet Reach is the Shady Woods, the place where darkness watches the outside like a hungry beast, yearning for new blood.

After catching the eye of an alluring yet terrifying monster, she's drawn into the eerie woods and captured in its web of mysteries and magic by the king of the Woods himself.

This is a tale of a woman finding new reasons to exist in a world that has treated her with cruelty and hate. A dark, supernatural romance, Hollow Beasts is a spooky good time that will send chills down your spine.


I hope you enjoyed this little list of spooky romance books! Have you read any? Tell me what you thought!

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