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Imagine our world today. Cars. Cell phones. Social ladders. Rish and poor. Now imagine if humans weren't the only thing living in that world. Imagine that, 200 years ago, another species crashed into our earth and changed everything.

Draak are men who can transform into massive dragons. They shook the world and mankind defended itself from what we thought was an invasion. We'd taken up arms against a species that could have wiped us out overnight if they really wanted to. We lost. Or at least we would have if both sides hadn't found the willingness to talk before everything was destroyed.

They're a superior race. Stronger. Faster. Ageless. They exceed the limits humans thought existed and therefore we backed down. If we hadn't, we'd have lost everything. Draak created new laws--new rules--but not everyone agreed that peace was the way. Not everyone believed that we ever reached peace at all.

Eight sectors were established, each one run by a Draak council. The Draakir. They vowed to care for humanity inside the sectors. Anyone willing to live under their rule would, in turn, live under their protection. We learned what we needed. What we wanted from each other. We learned that the world wasn't safe from outside forces, so we accepted the leadership of the strongest race. A new race. Eventually, a human council was added to every sector as a way to display a bigger cooperation between us all. The Order. Humans and Draak lived together, abiding by laws they all agreed upon. It took time, but now we live as one society.

Outside the sectors, humanity hates them. To the outsiders, the Draak are still just invaders that humanity surrendered to. We conformed to their ways and abandoned our own species. In the outer territories, humans make their own rules, most of them to benefit their personal gain. They exploit the weak. They plot. They scheme. They fight one another to survive. They organize rebellions and raids and deal in the worst trades, but outside the sectors, the Draak laws mean nothing. Out there, everyone fends for themselves. The truth is, race has nothing to do with being good or evil. We all make that choice on our own.

The Draak are genetically more advanced than anything humans have ever known. They're able to take on the form of a dragon at will. They heal quickly. They can manipulate fire. Some can even see into the depths of your mind without having to speak. Their superior genetics make their offspring Draak, no matter who the mother might be, though the children do acquire certain traits from both their parents. It's unknown why Draak children are only born male. Though it's extremely rare, a Draak can father a female child, but none have ever shown signs of being Draak.

A Draak, in order to father children, must go through a process to make a female genetically compatible to carry their offspring. This process transfers a small portion of their genetics to their chosen female, which in turn gives her the ability to withstand extreme amounts of heat aka fire. A large portion of the human race thought of this bond as a privilege and men and women alike often show their "willingness" to be with a Draak by wearing the color red. It's a color associated with anger, lust, fire, and blood. All things people often use to describe the Draak species. But in this society--like any other--everyone is different. Not everyone presents themselves as an offering. Some are reluctant civilians of the sectors, only there to avoid the lawlessness and chaos of the outer territories. Some worship the Draak. Others are fascinated by them and plenty dislike them. It is the same for Draak. Some of them love humans. Some see them as insects and others are simply entertained by them. We are in a society filled with differences. I suppose that's how all societies have been. Throughout history, hatred and judgment divided nations.

Every sector is looked after by a Regent, an appointed Draak official chosen for various reasons. Their strength in past conflicts. Their skill in negotiations. Their ability to gain trust. Whatever the reasons, they're responsible for their sector and all the citizens inside of it, human or not. Of course, nothing is done alone. A Regent must have a security force. A treasurer. Consultants. People who help the wheels turn.

Those born outside of the sectors do have a choice. Immigration processes can be extensive, but in the end, the sectors consider everyone that comes through the borders. Those who break the trust of a Regent, however, are met with harsh punishment. Betrayal, terrorism, and any other violation that puts a sector in danger is punishable by death. Draak are not a forgiving species. Perhaps that's how the Red Race came to be, though no one really knows when the first competition was or why it was held.

We live in a flawed society. Perhaps the perfect one doesn't exist. History would say that it doesn't, but it can get better. The line between Draak and humans is growing thinner every day. Two species that crashed into each other have come to live in the same world. It wasn't easy. It still isn't, but this is where we are. Where we'll go is a different story.

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