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BIG NEWS! "Ash Bringer" Is Now Available!!!!

BIG BIG BIG news! "Ash Bringer" is now available on Amazon!!! I just wanted to make the announcement because I've wanted to do this for SO long and now that I finally made that push I am so excited to continue my pursuit in writing. You can download the book NOW on Amazon by clicking HERE or on the photo below!!!

If you would like to support my work, download it from Amazon and tell me what you think! Reviews help IMMENSELY when it comes to self-published works like mine. Recommend my book to friends! Word of mouth is a large part of growth for new authors. And of course, subscribe to my blog for updates and follow me on social media to keep up with news, giveaways, sales, and more.


I would like to thank a few very special people who helped me and encouraged me along the way. Writing is something deeply personal and taking the step to either get traditionally published or just publish on my own has taken me years to do. I've been writing my whole life and I've always been afraid to put my work out there one way or another.

First off, thank you to my sister, Jessica, for editing my first book, free of charge. I was stressing so so much about trying to find an editor and trying to save up and I was so ready to just publish without a final proofread, which I really didn't want to do. But she came in clutch <3 I would also like to thank my friend Corin for saying all the things others were afraid to and opening my eyes to things I could improve on in the story. Every writer needs that. And thank you to all the amazing people who read my rough drafts along the way! Ashely, Ogre, Rachel, Kristen, and Chandler, who I met in a facebook writing group. And thank you to my parents for supporting me, no matter what crazy ideas I have. And of course, thank you to my boyfriend, Alex, who never stopped pushing me and telling me to do it when I was hesitant or doubted myself.

And a quick thank you to my cousins, Aubrey, Brianna, and Kellie, for being some of the most creative minds I know and helping to feed my own creativity as kids and being among the FIRST to believe I could take this step from the very beginning.

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