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Damaged Gods (The Monsters of Saint Mark's) by KC Cross REVIEW

BLURB: When I answered an ad for a caretaker at Saint Mark’s Sanctuary I thought I’d be dusting chandeliers and polishing floors. I didn’t expect to be tricked into a curse, going in debt to a monster, and being forced to take a self-paced “Let’s Learn Magic” course so I can fix a two-thousand-year-old problem.

And that monster?

Not your ordinary, everyday beast.

He has hooves, and horns, and fur on his legs.

But ya know where he doesn’t have fur?

Yeah. There.

Which is fine.

Except he doesn’t wear pants.

Nothing at Saint Mark’s is exactly what it seems.

The entire inside is magic, the hallways upstairs are nothing but parties from the past, and the super-hot guy who lives in the dungeon?


Not human.

My name is Pie and all I want is to be a normal girl with an average life.

I refuse to get stuck in this curse.

I refuse to learn magic to break it.

And there is no way in hell I will fall in love with a monster.




⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ What happens when you type "Halloween romance" into the search? I'll tell you what happens. You get monster romance. And I read the hell out of it because why go looking for something new if you're not going to dip your toes in. Or your feet.... Hell, I just dove head first.

This book was enchanting. Kind of like a beauty and the beast retelling with more sass. There was TONS of magical elements to this book from a spooky graveyard, other dimensions, curses, spells, a room full of herbs and potions, and a maze of wonders like something out of Harry Potter. I found the characters to be wonderfully sarcastic and high energy, constantly throwing their wit back and forth for some good banter. And the mystery of the story slowly unfolded through some fantastical events and I found it thrilling to wonder what the secrets of Saint Mark's were.

Now let's talk monster sex. There were definitely wild dicks caught in their natural habitat as our main man didn't like to wear pants over his Satyr legs. He liked his fur and hooves out for the world to see. Free... with no limits. His personality was defiant and bitter and I loved him because our leading lady really didn't take his shit. Even when she was trying to cope with what he was and the fact that she'd been wrapped up in his curse. And when the sex happened, it was a little unexpected because our girl changes into a Satyr (Chimera, as the book says) herself in the maze of wonders. It was both cute and odd to hear how the H complimented the h's cute fawn butt and tail before they did the dirty. Cute, odd, and totally ok because this book wasn't your typical romance.

I have yet to read book 2, but you can bet I'll be doing that as soon as I can! Because I need to get to the bottom of this magical mystery.


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