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EVERLY GHLASS: Character Analysis

[This blog contains spoilers for "Ash Bringer"]

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"I was overwhelmed with questions and the only way I knew to find answers was to survive. To survive, I needed Draven’s help."

Birth Place:

Crescent Cove/The outskirts of Sector 1 (Ansdale)

Physical Traits:

Everly is described as being average height with cream-colored skin and long, artificially colored, lavender hair. Beneath the lavender, her hair is what she calls a "mousy brown." Draven also describes her eyes to be the color of grey storm clouds with flecks of moss green. She is never described as being a great beauty, although her feisty and determined personality often sets her apart.

At a young age, Everly's hometown was destroyed by fire, which she suspected was a Draak's doing. She was left with burn scars trailing up the side of her back from her hip to her shoulder and neck. After growing up ashamed of them, she decided to endure the pain of tattooing self-designed glyphs and artwork over the marred flesh.

Having grown up on a farm and then insisting on training to fight, Everly developed a strong physique that remains feminine but athletic. Her hair is rarely kept up, leaving her with light brown roots and a silvery, faded color down the length.


Everly was born in a small town just inside Ansdale. When she was young, her town was destroyed in a fire that most suspected had been set by a renegade Draak. Her parents were killed and she was left with burn scars up her back. The suspicion that a Draak was the one that took everything from her caused Everly to grow up hating them as a species. She was sent to a hospital and then to an orphanage where she was often teased and abused by the other kids.

After being adopted by Taurus Black, a Pike and ex-slayer, Everly learned to defend herself and eventually to love herself despite her appearance and experiences. Taurus became a father figure over time, raising her and teaching her essential things that would come in handy later in her life. They lived a simple life on a farm in a small town. As she matured, Everly insisted on training with Taurus and learned fighting skills that she perfected over the following years. She refrained from building relationships, especially romantic ones, and filled her time with physical activities.

In "Ash Bringer":

After Taurus is arrested for crimes Everly is convinced he didn't commit, she pursues him into the heart of Nytho to a prison called "Raven Heights." Unable to free him, Everly choosesto enter the Red Race, an annual competition in which players endure a series of obstacles until only one is left alive to claim any prize they want from the Draakir. The Race is also on a "last man standing" basis, meaning that losing can only lead to death. Determined to win and request Taurus be freed, Everly prepares and is accepted into the Race.

After winning the Race, Everly meets with the Draakir, the Draak council appointed to the sector where Taurus was imprisoned. Not only does she still harbor a deep hatred for the Draak, who she describes as being oppressive and heartless, but Everly also argues that Taurus is not guilty of his crimes against the Draakir. The Draakir rejects her request, stating that Taurus is going to be executed. After trying to convince them to reconsider, a Red named Draven Tempest steps up to accept her request but only if she offers herself into servitude in return. Everly reluctantly accepts and after a series of harsh events that only strengthen her opinions about the Draak, she is forced into a new life with them.

As a lone wolf, Everly is used to being alone and fending for herself, but her limits are tested after being tethered to Draven.


Stubborn and determined, Everly constantly looks for solutions to problems and is often so consumed by her emotions that she gets herself into trouble and acts spontaneously and without a real plan. Though usually capable of getting herself out of trouble, she usually doesn't come out unscathed. Despite her cold and cynical exterior, however, Everly shows compassion on many occasions, usually toward innocents or those unable to defend themselves. She is shown connecting more with animals than she does with humans or otherwise, which ties into the fact that she usually feels as if her choices have been taken from her and she is treated as inhuman due to her appearance and upbringing. Taurus, being a Pike, treated her as an equal and as a daughter, but Everly's inability to relate to others has caused her to be a loner.


Mother: Alyce Ghlass (Deceased)

Father: Gendry Ghlass (Deceased)

Adopted Father: Taurus Black (Deceased)

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