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"His Metal Maiden" by Michelle M. Pillow (Book Review)

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I would sacrifice myself for Alexis!

I started reading the Qurilixen World Novels about a month ago and I PLOWED through. At first, "Galaxy Brides" sounded pretty awkward as I'm not into mail-order bride stories, but I actually found myself enjoying the crap out of all the books. Alas, however, after so many books, they start to feel like the same story reskinned, especially because the Dragon Lord series is set at the same time with different characters going through their own journies. THEN, I got to "The Stubborn Lord." Once more, I felt a little like I was reading the same story. Woman didn't know what she was getting into or was forced into a situation where the man keeps telling her they're soul mates. Eventually, woman falls in love and they live happily ever after. Ok. Cute. Liked it. Was ready to move on to the next...except this one left off on a cliff hanger hinting at the main female character's younger sister. I died inside because I searched for the next installment and couldn't find it. I even messaged the author demanding answers! She directed me to the Space Lords series and I read "His Metal Maiden in a night and a morning.

HOLY SHIT. If you don't already get it, this is a romance series. I expected romance. I expected romance to be the main dish, but in this case, it was like a yummy dessert after the main course. The story and the characters and the chemistry was so unexpected after reading the Dragon Lords series. Not that Dragon Lords doesn't have it, but this took it to a new level. Space Lords is set in, yes...SPACE, which I am HUGE fan of. Anything in space, I am there. Sex in space? Yes please.

This book follows Lachlann, a dragon shifter who ran from a war he didn't believe in to pirate in space (But they're good pirates. like...Robbin Hood pirates). His crew is HILARIOUS. Specifically, Rick. I want him. Can I has him? Ok, off topic, but the chemistry and humor of the pirate crew had me laughing out loud more than once. Lachlann is tasked with finding the little sister of a Dragon Lord's wife from his home planet and since the older sister was in cryo after she was taken from her family, we don't actually know how old the little sister is now. Turns out she's a lady and holy hell has she seen and been through some shit. Without giving much away, I just have to say that the way Alexis was written and the way her mind slowly starts to adapt to being free from the life she was subjected to for so long is absolute GOLD. I would take a bullet for her. T^T. Lachlann was a little typical in terms of protective alpha males, but he loved her and that's all I wanted. She needed him and she got him and despite everything, Alexis still had a personality that I could relate to as a reader. What she went through was absolutely unthinkable. A very different kind of torture compared to many storylines where the male rescues the female. FIVE huge stars for this book.

These books don't need to be read in order in my opinion, but it always helps. If you so choose to read my favorite 2 books, links below!

I suggest "The Stubborn Lord" first.


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