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"Ice Planet Barbarians" Book Series Review

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Yes, my friends. Yes...yes, I did. I did read it and yes...I enjoyed it. And yes...I read A LOT of them.

I have found myself getting lost in books lately and losing quite a bit of time, which is a good thing! Any reader or writer knows that there is no better feeling than delving into a new world and getting consumed by it, but alas, I needed to keep things simple for a while so I could be more productive and catch up on work while also separating from our current reality. And that, my friends, is how I came across Ruby Dixon.

I'll leave my review of Ruby's "Corsair" series for another time because I found those books to be a little more complex in terms of characters and the 4 book series isn't quite as daunting. ("Complex" is being loosely used here). But today I am here to talk about "Ice Planet Barbarians." This series is over THIRTY books long, but rest assured, you do not have to read each one. I certainly haven't. I have been picking and choosing based on characters that sound interesting because every book focuses on a different couple. They're more-or-less standalones and Ruby, I must admit, does a good job of including every shape, height, color, and personality in these female leads. These are what I like to call "quick thrills." They're short books and they each have an HEA to keep you smiling.

Now that I have all that out of the way and I have made it clear that I ACTUALLY enjoyed the books I've read so far, let's get into it. There's a lot....bear with me.

"Ice Planet Barbarians." Oof, where do I start. That title alone is the kind of title that deterred me from reading romance back in the day. And alien sex? I must be desperate, but the world's crazy right now! Why not indulge in something...insanely weird?

This series starts with a bunch of women who were abducted from earth by little green aliens who intended to sell them into slavery, but the ship crash-landed on an ice planet and the ladies were left stranded, starving, and cold in their cargo hold. One woman, Georgie, ventures out to seek help and finds herself in a hunter's snare. And enter big, blue alien man with big muscles and horns *pounds on chest*. Georgie passes out after hanging upside down for some time in his trap and wakes up...ok...wait...prepare your damn mind...she wakes up to this blue alien man GOING DOWN ON HER in a cave.

OK HOLD THE F*** UP. Georgie is totally down for this. Freaked out, but apparently this alien's ridged tongue is just too much for her to reject. Yes, his tongue is "ribbed for her pleasure." You see, the aliens on this planet are biologically built to "resonate" when their mate is in close proximity. Some parasite in their body basically says "that' the one! Mate with her yuh animal." And this guy resonates immediately and doesn't stop to ask questions or even wait for Georgie to wake up! He just....MUST have a taste.

Now, a bit of background. This guy comes from a tribe where women are scarce and their people are slowly dying out, so finding a mate is kind of at the forefront of every man's mind here and what do you know! A ship of a dozen fertile women JUST crash-landed on their planet. It's freaking Christmas. Now, I know I sound ridiculous, but trust me, these books are fun as hell. I wasn't entirely sure blue men who were seven feet tall, had tails, horns, and ridged tongues would be appealing, but they are the sweetest goofs when they find a lady they like. They are the epitome of "I must provide for my mate." Ruby Dixon makes sure to include every kind of personality so there is BOUND to be a book or a couple that appeals to you in this series. There's love at first sight. SLow burning romances. Unexpected couples. Enemies to lovers. It's all there. OH! and their tongues aren't the only things with ridges *wiggles brows*. I am pretty certain that these aliens were created to be the ultimate pleasure machines cuz sex with them sounds like it would kill a a good way? Damn, I fell in a rabbit hole here. Help me...if you're not simultaneously getting turned on and laughing your ass off at yourself, something is wrong. And again, I mean this is the best way. I'm a fan....I'm literal trash.

ANYWAYS, if you need a quick read that really gets your mind out of reality and deeeepppp in the icy, alien gutter, these books deserve your attention. Like I said, they absolutely don't need to be read in order, but if you so choose, here are Ruby's "Ice Planet Barbarian" books in order!


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