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"Edge Of Eon" Book Review

Ooooh boy have I been waiting for this adventure.

I'm back! And with more opinions! No, I have most definitely NOT been slowing down in terms of how many books I've been consuming, but I have had a lot of "misses" and let's be honest. Bad reviews aren't as fun to write as good ones and I have a great one for you today!

Edge of Eon is the first in the "Eon Warriors" series and ok, yes, it's big-boy-alien-meets-human-woman-sex-sex-sex, BUT with so much more.

If you aren't a reader of alien romance, you might not know the pattern. The very repetitive pattern of "alien boys need mates." And when I say repetitive, I MEAN repetitive. The first few books with this theme were fun, but after a while you just really want a little depth to your alien smut. Enter Edge of Eon. No, Eon warriors don't need mates and no these ladies weren't abducted and thrown into slavery only to be liberated by a hunky, blue, alien specimen needing a baby maker. Eon warriors, in fact, want absolutely nothing to do with Earth. They're just a bunch of hot alien badasses doing their own thing. They're raised to be badasses and each warrior is paired with an alien symbiot that enhances all their skills and strengths. Think Venom, but without the teeth. Anyways, seems like a good ally to have, right? Earth needs heroes! A gross race of aliens is causing trouble and Earth needs some muscle to help in the conflict. That means they have to get the attention of some very intimidating Eon Warriors through some very drastic kidnapping war commanders and stealing sacred artifacts. And who do they send to do these things? Hot women...obviously.

Now, the theme throughout these books is a pretty similar, but what I appreciated was that every book features a woman that can hold her own. And I mean that. Feisty females is done a lot. Helpless ones. Quiet ones. The ladies in this series were all that and more. Think Alice from the Resident Evil series mixed with Lara Croft and Ripley from the Alien franchise. They're sexy, strong, and can hold their own in any fight with alien bugs. There's no question why some huge space warriors might take interest and maybe think twice about humans.

Aside from the fast-paced action and constant adventure, the touch of comedy made me laugh out loud more than once and the chemistry between characters makes for some really fun banter. Add in hot sex and we've struck gold.

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