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"Fighting Gravity" The Surge Book 2 (Upcoming Alien Romance Book Excerpt)

Alien Romance book cover coming soon
"Fighting Gravity" Alien Romance Book Coming Soon

A small teaser! Enjoy this upcoming alien romance book excerpt from second book in The Surge series!! "Fighting Gravity." This is an alien romance series of standalone books involving feisty heroines and sexy aliens.

Enjoy a little introduction to Quinn!



I wasn’t fighting for my life. I was falling with style…

We’re gonna call it that.

Imagine hitting rock bottom and then sinking a little further into the Earth’s crust to burn a little before pulling yourself out and making something of your life. Then imagine all of it leading to getting kidnapped off a spacecraft after fleeing from an alien attack. I know, it sounds ridiculous.

As awesome and underappreciated a pilot as I was, I couldn’t outrun the giant alien warship that decided to chase down our little transport shuttle when we fled from the obliterated freighter they blew up. Apparently, the gek didn’t like humans doing business with the valerians. So they intercepted a trade and by “intercepted,” I mean they killed everyone.

And even my skills as a pilot couldn’t save me and the two women I managed to drag with me out of the rubble. It didn’t take long for them to catch up and suck us into the bowls of their big ship. And what’s worse? I was the only one taken off the shuttle before valerians interrupted the abduction!

More on why that was so unfair later…

Three big brutes marched right onto the shuttle and I was first to try and attack them. I really didn’t think it would work. I’m not stupid. Protective? Yes. It’s a flaw that has gotten me in trouble too often…

One swing toward one of the tall, leather-clad aliens and I ended up over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. All my kicking and screaming and favorite curse words couldn’t save me.

I heard Innifer shouting behind me as I was taken away. She called my name desperately.

Aww. At least she cared. Unfortunately, caring didn’t knock anyone out so I was still being kidnapped…

Ten strides from my shuttle, the warship shuddered. The big aliens exchanged guttural words to each other in an urgent tone and the next thing I knew, a giant explosion burst through the wall of what I deduced was a cargo bay. My captor tightened his grip, sharp nails biting into my thighs as he rushed forward. A gust of chilled air hit us and I screamed with frustration until a pressure door was closed behind us, cutting us off from the cargo bay.

As angry as I was at Innifer and her little friend, I was glad they hadn’t been taken. They weren’t nearly as tough as me…

I was, however, a little worried they’d blown up. Best case scenario? The valerians I sent a distress call to before we were attacked showed up to help. Worst case? The shuttle’s AI got a wild hair up his virtual ass to self-destruct.

I didn’t have time to bounce between the ideas. I was in a crisis.

I was hauled over the alien’s shoulder down narrow, metal hallways lit with yellow light. I kicked and screamed and punched and pinched, but the big tree made of muscle didn’t even flinch at my efforts… which was really frustrating. I was a big girl. I trained hard. I was tall. I didn’t take shit.

But it didn’t matter to this guy. I hated the the way he carried me through his ship, his hands on my thighs. His hands felt big. Firm. Too strong to pull free from. His shoulders were broad. I couldn’t find hair to pull when he was carrying me. Just odd extensions of fleshy tendrils that trailed down just past his shoulders. Didn’t know what color they were. Couldn’t care less.

His hips jingled with metal trinkets that hung off his thick, leathery belt. He had black pants on and some kind of sarong made of thin hide or some strange fabric. That much I saw when I was staring down at his ass the whole way. But the weirdest part was his feet. He was digitigrade and on his feet were wraps of leathery material that left his toes exposed. Toes with talons.

Fuuuuccckkkkk me…

Then I was tossed in a cell, my Buddy ripped off my wrist so hard it took some skin with it. Masculine voices shouted demands in a weird language that was a million miles from the few words I knew in the main valerian tongue. The door closed on me with a swift hiss and I was alone. Sounds from outside were blocked by the barrier and I felt like I’d been locked under water. Barely any light. No bed. No windows. Nothing but me, myself, and I. And some hole in the floor that I assumed was for waste. If it wasn’t, someone was going to be real pissed at the receiving end. Literally.

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