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I Dressed Up as a Romance Novel Heroine...

Last winter, I decided to so something ridiculous. I am a cosplayer and I lean heavily toward inhuman characters, so when I read Ruby Dixon's Ice Planet Barbarian series, I loved envisioning what the characters looked like. And when I read book 12 and noticed the heroine was actually one of the aliens and not a, duh.

I pulled this costumes together with what supplies I had and though I don't have nearly as much detail in the makeup as I wanted, I was kind of on a time crunch because snow in AZ? There's not much of it. BUT, when I heard it would be snowing about 3 hours north of us, I was determined to catch it.

So I traveled up north (because phoenix does NOT see snow) and hoped I'd catch a snow storm. On the way, weather reports were getting less and less promising, so I pretty much gave up and decided to shoot a few other looks I also brought with me as backups. I was bummed, though. Not gonna lie.

As the day went on, a little snow started falling and it was beautiful. (I LOVE snow). And after a while, I noticed the snow actually was blanketing the ground like I naturally I stripped and told my boyfriend to snap pics (He's an amazing photographer, by the way. He does all of my shoots and he's the most supportive and creative man I know). Lemme tell you, being barefoot in snow is not fun! I thought for sure I'd lose a toe or two! And this was my 3rd change for the day and I'd been barefoot and half naked on ice for about an hour. Sure, I had a little pelt to put under my feet, but that got covered in snow pretty fast. And to try and act like you're not cold or totally natural in the snow with no clothes? Ouch.

But I did it! And I felt so damn nerdy doing it. But that's ok, because as a scifi nut, I'm always looking for new aliens to dress up as. Thanks, Ruby Dixon, for letting me escape to Not-Hoth when I need a little fun alien smut in my life.

****All photos by CourteX Studios

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