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"The Boundarylands" by Callie Rhodes: Series Review

It's that time! You know, when Courtney has stayed up for a week straight reading a new series she couldn't put down...and now I'm talking about myself in the 3rd person. I should really think about going to bed.

But let's get down to the reasons for my sleep deprivation, because my reasons are perfectly perfect! I found myself a new series while sifting through the endless suggestions on Kindle Unlimited and I've got some things to say.

"The Boundarylands" is a series of quick-read books by Callie Rhodes. Every book can be read alone or as part of the set. Fear not! I read everything completely out of order and I had no problems, which I love because when it comes to character-focused books, some characters don't vibe with me like others, so I like that I don't have to invest in all of them to get the story. I went about this series first by reading all of the descriptions and finding the characters that sounded good and eventually just read them all.

The Boundarylands takes place in an alternate reality where human society is in a primal sort of hierarchy (Alpha, Beta, Omega). the alphas come into their true nature around puberty and are sent to the Boundarylands because...well...they're too aggressive and dangerous to beta society. In other words, they're territorial, super sexual, hulking men. Betas make up most of the human population and the rare omegas don't know their role until they come in contact with an alpha, which is hard considering alphas are banished. (In this case, omegas aren't punching bags for the alphas, as in actual wolf packs, but they're a rare kind of female made to mate with alphas.) But of course that's where the excitement starts because omega ladies are trickling in and crossing the boundary!

I actually didn't think I'd enjoy these books. The descriptions sounded a little too gritty, which is saying something considering my style of romance. I'm not a fan of big, dumb, brutish men, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started getting into these books. Every alpha has a unique personality and background and despite the animal urges and all the wild sex and "rawr, get off my land, rawr," they had some good depth. the ladies were really fun as well. Each of them came from a different situation that drove her past the boundary and every one of them displayed strength in their own way. Now, the dog-like characteristics of the men honestly weirded me out now and then, but hey, maybe that's your thing. They used terms like "going into heat" for all situations and the men had...well...knots. If you don't know what that is, just google it and have fun trying to visualize things. I had no idea that "Omegaverse" was a romance genre, but here we are...and here I am...diving right in.

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