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Top 5 Slashers To Watch For Halloween

Let's talk SLASHERS! When it comes to slashers, you gotta pick your poison. You want cheesy gore? Realistic gore that'll keep you up at night and leave your stomach turning? Classic slashers? B movies? Well, here are MY top 5 picks for 2021. Some are new. Some are not so new. But here they are here's why I love them!

1: Rob Zombie's Halloween

Look, I'm just going to rip the band-aid off right off the bat and admit it. This is my favorite movie of the franchise and I know there are sooo many people who will smite me for saying so. Michael Myers is my favorite slasher (That's a weird statement, i know). And contrary to the story of 2018, I was actually a huge fan of Mike having a sister and obsessing over her. I'm a big sucker for characters! Even evil ones! Before the story was completely scrapped and forty years of movies were thrown in the trash, Rob Zombie seemed to have an understanding of Michael Myer's character more than others. No other movie delved into the twisted, f*cked up inner workings of a mad man's murderous thoughts. Not only that, but Mike was A HUGE MOTHER F*CKER in this movie. You want scary? You got it. He put a whole new spine on Mike Myers, making him 10x scarier. 10x more violent. And 10x more interesting. Burn me at the stake if you want, but I stand by this! And yes, I've seen all the movies many times and I love them all, but this is my number 1.

2: Fear Street

I caught wind of this, heard R.L. Stine, and was 100% IN. So if you're around my age, you probably grew up on Goosebumps. Well, and now you're all grown up and Goosebumps just doesn't do it for you anymore. But maybe you still love R.L. Stine's style. Whelp, you're in luck. Fear Street is a series of 3 movies following the events in the cursed town of Shadyside. Let me be honest, the main character rubs me all the wrong ways and I was kind of hoping her selfish a$$ died at some point, but putting that aside, these movies had all your classic slasher feels as well as classic R.L. Stine twists, turns, and style. From the music to the colors, these movies really bring you back... but also realize we're all adults here because the violence and gore didn't hold back. To be completely honest, Fear Street: 1978 was my favorite and I may have already watched it 4 times, but the movies in order (1994, 1978, 1666) are absolutely worth a watch. SIDE NOTE: Those 90s jams REALLY brought me back <3

3: Hellfest

Alright, we're gonna find a nice middle ground before we move on. Hellfest touches on a real fear of mine, but makes it just unrealistic enough to keep it a good watch. While at a big traveling horror event for Halloween, a group of friends finds themselves being stalked by a masked murderer. Only problem is it's HELLFEST! Everyone is running around pretending to be a masked murderer and actors everywhere are pretending to get murdered. So when the real thing unfolds, it takes people a while to catch on. With Tony Todd being the eerie voice of Hellfest (If you don't know, he's Candyman. Another great movie. Watch it!), a Hell maze that traps the victims in a house of horrors, and plenty of suspense, this is one of those "watch every year" movies for me.

4: Scream

I feel like no one is surprise right now. Scream is such a classic with such a great mix of humor and gore. Again, that's weird to note, but you get it. Scream walks that thin line between "is this comedy or a serious slasher film?" Well, I think it's safe to say it's both and no one really gets tired of it. Ghost Face could be anyone and he's a nimble little f*cker. If you haven't seen Scream, you're missing out on a 90s classic. The movie starts with a phone call, innocent at first, and escalates to a killing spree that keeps you wondering who the damn killer is! And every movie is as good as the last, so keep watching!

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

5: Freddy Vs Jason

Again, I might get virtually punched for this, but this is also one of my faves. Freddy vs Jason is exactly what it says. The movie pits two classic, supernatural killers against each other and while they're fighting each other, they're also kind of killing everyone in town. We have Freddy, the dream wandering psychopath with a claw hand, and Jason, the deformed boy who drowned and came back to murder everyone. So you get a great killer vs killer as well as all the slasher action we all love. And to top it off, the movie stays true to each killer, realizing they are both supernatural and can't die. So who wins in the end? 🤷‍♀️

Thanks for reading my top 5 slasher list! What are your top 5 slashers? Are you into the classics or do you love them all? Do you agree or disagree with my list?


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