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5 Steamy Vampire Romance Books That Will Make You Weak In The Knees

Halloween may be over, but do vampires ever go out of season? And if you're looking for some steamy vampire romance books, here are five of my favorites!

Book cover for the sacrifice and the spare, a vampire romance novella by elle backenstoe

"The Sacrifice and the Spare" by Elle Backenstoe was a surprisingly entertaining vampire romance novella in which vampires and humans seem at odds. To quell some of the tension, a human prince has agreed to marry a vampire woman. I adored this book for one, because it's unusual to make the FMC the supernatural being and I was there for it. While these two enter into a marriage of convenience, however, the tension remains and we find our FMC being very outcast among the humans, but her new husband is the pillar of chivalry. If you're looking for a fun, steamy short read, I absolutely recommend this!

kiss of midnight by lara adrian. A scifi vampire romance book

If you know me then you know that "Kiss of Midnight" by Lara Adrian was the first steamy 18+ romance I have ever read, so of course it's stuck with me. In this universe, vampires (who can only be born male) are the crossbred descendants of a savage and bloodthirsty alien race and humans. While they're not their animalistic ancestors, they still require blood to live. The only time that turns out to not be simple is when a "breed mate" appears. These women are rare and capable of breeding and bonding with vampires, so when one is found, it's not easily dismissed.

These books are great and while there is an underlying story throughout the extensive series, each book follows different characters so you can never get bored!

book cover for chastely bitten by lexi c foss, a dystopian vampire romance book

If you love a good dystopian story with your romance, "Chastely Bitten" by Lexi C. Foss is one to read. Set in a world where vampires rule and humans are slaves and blood banks to be purchased, two unlikely people find each other enamored with one another. But a vampire falling for the brainwashed and highly sought after virgin he's just purchased might be a little difficult...

book cover for bite the woman that feeds by penelope barsetti, a vampire romance captive book

In "Bite the Woman that Feeds" by Penelope Barsetti, vampires and humans have their separate kingdoms and while humans are given to the vampires for sustenance, everyone knows they don't always come back. When a plague ravages the land, humans are dying and vampires are losing their food source. Needing bodies to feed on, a vampire king demands tributes and in order to lessen the number of humans taken, the new human king offers up a woman he knows to be immune to the plague. The vampire king accepts and his unwilling sacrifice finds herself imprisoned... and doing her best not to fall for her new immortal captor.

book cover for blood orange written by Karina halle, a dracula retelling vampire romance  book

"Blood Orange by Karina Halle is probably the most classically vampire book on this list. This re-imagined story of the classic character of Dracula follows Valtu, a teacher in Italy. As the vampire who inspired Bram Stoker to write his popular book, he goes through his life somewhat on autopilot. But like the classic story, he's lost the love of his life, Mina, and waits for the day he will meet her again. Only, in this lifetime, she's reincarnated into a vampire killing witch intent on infiltrating Valtu's life only to assassinate him.

This story was sweeter than I imagined it would be. I loved every second and can't wait to read book 2.


book cover for feeder by indie author courtney leigh, a dystopian vampire romance novella

Nothing wrong with a little self-promo! This is my blog after all ;)

If you're into vampire romance, which I assume you are if you've read this far, then you might like "Feeder." Set in a world where vampires have decided to rule over humans rather than cooexist with them, this novella follows Ophelia, a woman groomed to be a feeder. Feeders are typically purchased by rich vampires who desire to have personal blood banks and Ophelia has just been purchased by a wealthy bloodsucker named Kieryn. Forced to wear a veil to dehumanize her, Ophelia is used to thinking of herself as a thing rather than a woman.

But Kieryn is about to break some rules. Something draws him to Ophelia and laws be damned, he doesn't want to let those feelings go unexplored.

I hope you enjoyed this little list! Find any you want to read? Let me know!

Want to know more about my thoughts on these books? Check out my Youtube channel!!


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