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5 Alien Romance Book Recommendations to add to your TBR (updated)

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

When it comes to romance, there is something particularly appealing about being taken off of Earth and forced on a scifi adventure...with tons of spice...

So here are 5 Alien romance book recommendations to add to your TBR list!

Edge of Eon by Anna Hackett (Alien Romance Book)

"Edge of Eon" by Anna Hackett will always be one of my top alien romance books for so many reasons. The first reason being that it was NOT about mail order brides, a shortage of females, or abduction. This is a world at war. We have a woman trained by the military tasked with kidnapping the commander of a huge Eon warship. It's a task that's nearly impossible considering how elite the Eon warriors are, but she somehow succeeds. The two crash land on a planet filled with dangers that they must team up to survive.

I LOVED the FMC for being strong willed, tough, and sassy in a way that wasn't annoying. These two characters definitely had chemistry and the same can be said for every other couple in this series. One minute they're yelling and fighting each other and the next they'd making out and it was the most fun, steamy, action packed ride ever. Highly recommended!

Find it here> Edge of Eon


His Metal Maiden (Space Lords book 3) By Michelle M. Pillow

If you have been following me then I'm probably sounding like a broken record at this point, but I can't recommend "His Metal Maiden" enough. Written by Michelle M. Pillow, this book is a standalone in a long series of books including spinoffs all set in the same universe. Not only was it an exciting space adventure with a rag-tag crew of outcasts (reminded me a little of firefly) but there is a beautiful love story intertwined that will forever being on the top of my list.

Outcast by his people, the MMC is tasked with finding the lost sister of his brother's new wife. in exchange, he will be allowed to go home to his home planet. On his journey to find the sister, he finds things and people he didn't expect to find and a beautiful romance in a wonderfully built world blossoms. Loved this book!

Find it here > His Metal Maiden


Claimed by the Hord King by Zoey Draven (Alien Romance)

I've got another book that is not the first in the series for you! This is another series that does not necessarily have to be read in order. I read the first book and thought it was alright, but the second book really grabbed my interest.

Humans are refugees on an alien planet and because they're renting space, they must live by strict rules. When someone breaks a rule, our FMC ends up taking the blame and the punishment that comes with it, which is dealt by one of the horde kings native to the planet. This hord king knows she's lying and taking the blame for someone else, but must deal punishment anyways in front of his men and the humans as an example. But afterwords... he decides to take her with him. I shouldn't have to tell you what happens next <3 I really connected with both characters in this book more than I did in the first book. Highly recommend!


The Carnal Games by Naudii Nebula (Enemies to lovers alien romance book)

"The Carnal Games" by Naudii Nebula has to be one of the best alien romance books I've read in a long time. This TRUE enemies to lovers story had me from page one. It isn't often that authors can call their book "enemies to lovers" and follow through with it, but Naudii had these characters at each other's throats and I LOVED it. We have a very inhuman MMC and a highly trained and very determined FMC and for years, they've been l=plotting ways to kill each other, but have never succeeded in doing more than damaging each other's lives.

When they're both captured and thrust into a game for the entertainment of others, not only are they pitted against each other, but they're exploited in other ways, which brings emotional trauma to the surface for each MC. As they unfold in front of each other, they begin to develop a relationship that I thought was just so beautiful and perfectly paced.

Find it here > The Carnal Games


Arrival by A.G. Wilde (Alien romance book)

"Arrival" by A.G. Wilde is yet another rare find in alien romance where the relationship did not have anything to do with breeding, mail order brides, etc.

When an alien race attacks Earth, humans are stuffed into strange prisons and used as incubators while the alien race harvests Earth's water. Another race then attacks the invaders after their world was ravaged in the same way. Unintentionally, they free a group of female prisoners and end up caring for them. Now, this alien race is considered predators and they consider humans prey, so when they begin to feel attractions, it is a very strange and unfamiliar experience. I quiet enjoyed the dynamic between the characters and would recommend this for alien lovers!

Find it here > Arrival

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