My 2020 Reading List!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

I've read and written more in 2020 than I have in my entire life and that's saying something. I think we can all agree that this year has been a roller coaster and we've all been looking for something to help us escape. Whether it's books, movies, video games, or maybe hobbies like working out or cooking, we want that disconnect. So, I've built up quite the list of recommendations in 2020!

Shameless self-promotion! I mean, this is my blog XD. Genesis is a post-apocalyptic, scifi adventure set in a brutal, futuristic world. Follow Genesis, one of the last remnants of humanity's most advanced age of genetic engineering. Witness her journey as she fights through countless obstacles, both physical and emotional.

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At number 2 I have the Eon Warriors series by Anna Hackett. I started these with book one and couldn't stop from finishing them all because these were SO MUCH FUN! They are PACKED with action. Like, Indiana Jones, comical, sexy, adventure action in space. I love space. I love romance. I love hot alien men and fun situations. Not only that, but Anna Hackett makes some seriously badass female characters and I appreciate that. They could hold their own, but also love a sweet romantic moment <3

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Oh boy, where do I even start with Michelle M. Pillow. I could NOT put her books down. From the main series to the spin-offs, I was hooked. Here we have another alien romance set on a planet where the boys need ladies due to an atmosphere that prevents females of their species from being born very often. Cheesy-sounding? Yeah, I thought so, too, but then I read them and the characters, lore, and setting had me completely immersed. Every couple is a different flavor of sexy and I appreciated the wide array of personalities so every book sang to me in a different way. If you like fierce, protective dragon boys and strong ladies, this is a great series to dip your feet into.

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YES, I am aware this is another Michelle M. Pillow book, but this one deserved its own slot because I LOVED this book with all my heart. Now, while her books can be read as stand alones, this one I think best fits once you've gotten into the world a bit because it does involve a character that is connected with another couple. Let me tell you...I was ready to take a bullet for the main female. That's how wonderful this books was. So if you want to dive into the spin-off series, check out the Space Lords!

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ONWARDS! If space boys aren't your thing, maybe a ride on the dark side of magic is. Illusions of Grandeur is book 1 in The Impossible Julian Strande. I haven't read the second book yet, but book 1 was a beautiful and magical world that the author, Kathryn Ann Kingsley, classifies as "villain romance." Julian Strande isn't your typical white knight...actually, he is more of a black knight. He's mysterious, dark, and absolutely irresistible. Get lost in the windy turns and hidden corridors of his giant, mystery mansion and delve into the illusions of Julian Strande's tricky and seductive world.

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NEXT! If you want some urban fantasy feels, check out the Eternal Mates series! I started the Eternal Mates books at the very beginning of the year and have enjoyed revisiting the series over the months as the series is LONG. Different books call to me in different ways, but with how many there are, you will definitely be able to find your favorite! These are set in current time and yes, it's about fated mates. Dragonshifters, cat shifters, demons, witches. It's all here and it's all steamy fun.

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And while we're on the subject of dragonshifters, meet the first book I reviewed on my blog! Song of Smoke is a fantasy romance written by Jillian James. While I love my fated mates books, this was a refreshing, old-fashioned slow-burn romance that had me rooting so hard for this couple. I'm impatiently waiting for book 3 to come out! So if you want some steamy-sweet romance with a sexy dragonshifter and a strong and caring woman, dive in! It's a quick read...and one I foolishly chose to do right before bedtime. Goodbye sleep.

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