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Welcome to the Arks: "Genesis"

Interested in the world of Genesis? Which Ark do you think you'd end up on? Or do you think you would have been a grounder? Someone who never got onto a moving city and therefor lived (or died) in the Waste. *I'd have ended up on the ground. 😂 I won't lie*

Check out the intros to the Arks below!


"You are on Orion. We are the first Ark to begin migration. We hold humanity's future in our hands as well as humanity's past. DNA from thousands of species is here in our laboratories. We are, essentially, the hub of all Earth's genetic history and it's our city that will survive, thrive, and preserve Earth's past. We are here to be the first. To lead the world in the right direction and never forget the roots from which we grew strong. We will persevere. We are humanity. Protect this city with your life and she will protect you with hers. Where we go, all of mankind will follow."

"Welcome to Olympus. We are the most technologically advanced Ark. Olympians will be strong, smart, and will one day usher humanity into a new era. A better era. Our path is the right path. Our Changeling project is at the peak of advancement, allowing us to create the next evolution of humans that will one day traverse new Earth and build a better future. The old world is gone, but we don't have to be. With a new world on the horizon, we must become a new breed of humans and with Olympus's collective teams of scientists and geneticists, that dream is possible. Combining genetic research, permaculture, and an open mind, we can be what the world needs. Here on Olympus, we embrace the future."

"You are now on Sparta. This is where strength and perseverance will reign over all else. We do not fall without a fight. We do not give up. In this new world, we will adapt until we rise from the ashes of the old world. We recognize what we need and we progress. Sparta is a city of warriors, disciplined and fierce. We are the men and women who will rise up to the challenges of the new world and conquer all obstacles. Strength is ingrained in us and through it, the future is ours."

"Welcome, you lucky few, to Pisces. You are here because God has chosen you to be saved. Prove yourself to him and help carve the way for future generations. In faith, we trust. In prayer, we find solace. God made us this way and this is the way we will stay. Here, we are all equal. No man shall own more than another for we are in this together, as one. We all do our part, and Pisces provides. This is a city of God and God is with us."

"Welcome to Alpha One. The world has changed, but we are here to make the best of it. Here, we value luxury, beauty, and we strive to achieve happiness, even when the world around us has fallen into dust. We know the future seems grim, so enjoy the moments we share together. We take pride in the designs of our space. Our homes. Our children. If it gives you peace and happiness, indulge. These are the last moments of humanity. Embrace them for as long as the city provides. You are the future on Alpha One and the future is bright."

"You are on Paladin. We are here to provide assistance where we can to whoever we can. We are a medical Ark, striving to find a way to combat the hardships of new Earth. Though we are small in number, we will make big changes. We are a collective effort of volunteers, trained personnel, and experienced soldiers who offer a helping hand. If you are out there, we are coming. We have food. Shelter. We are friends and you are not alone."

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I think I would be on Pisces or Paladin. What do you think?

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