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Top 5 Ghost Hunting Shows To Add To Your Spooky Season!

I don't know about you, but I've been a believer in the paranormal my whole life. And yes, it has to do with some CRAZY experiences as a child and well into my adulthood. So you could say I'm a sucker for ghost hunting shows and even pretty envious that these people get to explore locations I've wanted to see for years! If you're into the spooks like me, here are 5 ghost hunting shows that will really entertain.

1: Ghost Hunters

I had to start with the OGs! Ok, maybe not the OGs for everyone, but for me, Ghost Hunters is what started me down this rabbit hole of Ghost Hunting TV. And they're kind of like an unstable relationship. They constantly get new members who come and go and then they were canceled and turned into Ghost Nation and then some went off to do Ghost Hunters International and to be honest, I don't know exactly what's going on now. All I know is that I watched this show for YEARS and they never ceased to keep me on the edge of my seat. They're a professional crew and I've learned a lot from them. They're very scientific in their findings and meticulous about reviewing evidence, leaving a lot up to the interpretation of their clients. If they can find a non-paranormal reason for something, they'll find it. And if they can't, they'll tag it. When it comes to aggressive spirits, most people are quick to jump to the conclusion that they're demonic or evil whereas Ghost Hunters give entities the benefit of the doubt and usually want to say they're emotional projections that people perceive as evil. It's a view I strongly agree with. After living in a haunted house for about 4 years of my life, I actually utilized some of the things they preach in this show to figure out if I could explain weird occurrences away in my own house or not. Their views on aggressive behavior also helped me cope with being in an "occupied" house and I was able to be alone and unafraid. And yes, there's always the question about whether or not these shows fake half their findings, but it's entertaining nonetheless and the way they investigate holds true.

2: Ghost Brothers

I found a clip of this show on youtube a while back and it really caught my interest. These guys are as entertaining as they are serious when it comes to investigations. they're funny, but at the same time, I LOVE how they immerse themselves in situations pertaining to the haunted locations they visit. They're cordial with entities, open, and aren't afraid to admit when they're freaked the f*ck out! I GREATLY enjoy the way they investigate and the amount of respect they have in every situation. They're equipment tends to be limited compared to other shows, and that's not a bad thing. I like that their investigations are as raw and intuitive as they are scientific. And I also enjoy that they almost always bring people who know or work at the locations to investigate with them and they're big fans of "trigger objects" to lure entities out. Not only that, but rather than being strictly scientific or strictly spiritual, they are open minded about all aspects of the otherworldly. 🎵Ghost brothers ghosting out🎵

3: Ghost Adventures

I feel like most people think of Ghost Adventures when they think of ghost hunting shows and it's not hard to see why. They're almost like the godfather of ghost hunting television. And when you watch them, it's some of the cheesiest most dramatic stuff ever, but damn it's entertaining. Ghost Adventures has admitted to faking some of their evidence, but Zak Bagans is also known for being very dramatic on screen, but wholly committed to the study of the paranormal off of it. You could say the show funds more serious work. Zak also owns The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, which is dedicated to a large collection of supposedly haunted objects. Man, I'd love to visit. I don't entirely agree with their dramatic claims that all the spirits they encounter or evil or demonic in almost every episode, but it does keep me watching to see what crazy situations they get into next. And if my tour guide on a ghost tour in Jerome was telling the truth, Zak is a great guy who's done a lot for the paranormal community outside his show. Just not the greatest guy on screen. SO, that's why GA is on this list. Watch at your own risk!

4: Kindred Spirits

This show took a few episodes for me to warm up to it. The team is made up of two former members of the Ghost Hunters show who branched off to do a show dedicated to both scientific investigation and spiritual investigation. Since Ghost Hunters are strongly skeptical of all things psychic or medium based, it's not a surprise that they deviated from that team to make this one.

Kindred Spirits usually takes place over multiple days in one location where the members of the team not only investigate, but they try to get to the root of an entity's unrest or strife. They often invite their medium friend, Chip Coffey, to do a little reading himself and it's always entertaining. That guy is as dramatic as they come. They also invite tarot card readings, seances, and more to further connect with the places and spirits they're investigating. So if you're into multiple aspects of paranormal investigations, this is a great show to explore it all.

5: Knock Knock Ghost

Are you a little more squeamish when it comes to ghost hunting shows? Maybe give Knock Knock Ghost a try! This show is goofy and fun, but still gets you a little spooked. Between wild skits, jumpy cast members, and flamboyant narrations and interviews, you get a toned down taste of ghost hunting that will make you laugh and sometimes jump out of your seat.

(All of these shows are currently on Amazon Prime!)

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